Leadership Autobiography

Compose a brief (3-4 pages, double spaced) but well-organized autobiography that reflects on how you have become who you are.   This is an analytical and reflective review of the influences and factors that have shaped who you are.  The questions below may help you formulate your thoughts and writing.

Type answers to the questions below in 1-2 pages max, single spaced or 3-4 pages max double-spaced.

Part 1: Leadership Autobiography (A, H, C)

Write a “leadership autobiography” in which you reflect on you past and present leadership experiences. What people have had a significant impact on you? What leadership skills do you possess? What skills have you developed and how? What are your growth a

Part 2: Subtle Influences (A, I)

Reflect on the people you spend time with. Given a choice, whom do you most enjoy talking to? Whose opinion do you listen to the most? What kinds of people are you drawn to? Why? How have these people influenced your choices or behaviors? Have any of these people helped you to be authentic, more autonomous, or adapt to challenges and changes?

Extra:  I have attached an article a the link below that talks about a personal board of directors.   Read it as it may help you think about the types of  people you may want to include in your inner circle (i.e. your own personal board.  note: this board is not inclusive just representative of types of people you may choose to fulfill different roles)