Interview Presentation

Joan is currently being considered for an internal promotion with her organization as a Staff Development Trainer. She is very excited about the opportunity. This is a highly competitive position that Joan has been pursuing for years .She has been invited for her second round of interviews and has been informed that she will need to complete a 10 minute oral presentation on any topic of her choice. She has been advised that the presentation will be held in front of the human resources team.

Task: Prepare a 10 minute presentation on any topic (something interesting yet appropriate for the audience).  Be sure to stand out from the other candidates.

Using PowerPoint or similar program create a visual aid to use for the presentation. As well as a full outline for the presenter.

Structure your presentation: The first slide should give an overview of the contents of your presentation. Your introductory slide following this could contain a “grabber” i.e. – an interesting fact, quote or statistic relating to your presentation topic which will make the interviewer sit up and take notice. Each slide following that should provide a headline of what that slide is about, then either a great visual or a few succinct bullet points which you are able to talk around and provide further detail on. Conclude your presentation with a provocative or memorable statement/quote that is intrinsically related to your presentation and vision.

Be sure that the presentation does not exceed 10 minutes. Remember to keep the audience engaged.