Business Plan


Write a 1500-word business plan report for the new start-up venture business model you presented (proposed) in week 9. This report should be written professionally as it aims to serve as a company resume to secure investor funding, tenders.

Your business plan must comprehensively include:

  1. Name of your business,
  2. The industry your business will operate in,
  3. Industry summary (IBIS World),
  4. A description of your business model (what products/services you are offering, your target market demographic, your location, etc…),
  5. Two (2) ‘SMART’ objectives (one managerial, and one financial),
  6. A personnel plan (how many employees you need, what job titles will they carry, the communication network structure and illustrated this using only an organisational chart),

6a) Create one job analysis for one of the personnel depicted in your organisational chart (to be attached as an appendix)

  • A detailed ‘SWOT’ analysis (minimum 3 implications to each matrix component)
  • One plausible Scenario and relevant Contingency plan based on current market conditions.
  • A Proposed sustainability and CSR strategy (what are they, and how you plan to apply them)
  • References (minimum 3 academic)