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1-I found it very interesting to learn a little about Japanese culture and how much it differs from our customs in the U.S. The subway incident where the older woman found it offensive when the younger woman applied make up in public was very interesting to me that something like this would offend someone. Here in the U.S. you will see woman driving while applying makeup and more drastic factors that we are accustomed to. In Japan they have many rules that we here in the U.S. do not follow such as cell phone use to a minimum where here everyone is constantly glued to their electronics. Technology is taking over family dinner, personal time, and experiences it would be interesting to see how Americans would feel if we ever adapted to the Japanese customs.

2-As it mentioned in the text some nonverbal expressions can be confusing and easily misinterpreted. I get told by complete strangers that I look mad and that I need to smile. Apparently when I am deep in thought or just mentally distracted, I look angry, upset or sad. I get frustrated easily and it always shows on my face. I try to force myself to smile even when I am frustrated at work because I don’t want my patients to think that my frustration is with them. I know that some people pay more attention to nonverbal cues than others so I am always worried about my patients misinterpreting my nonverbal messages. Along with my own personal feelings, I also try not to make gestures or facial expressions that will make them think that something is wrong with them.

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I think this video is a pretty good example of stereotyping.  I have to say that I have been guilty of this.  I took a class about 13 years ago, college Algebra 101 and upon entering the class I learned that my professor was not from the states and had a heavy accent.  Looking back I don’t know why I thought this way but I thought at that time, ugh what does he know?  What possibly could he teach me since he isn’t from here, or that I could always be late to the class or not pay attention as much or to not even take the class serious.  As to I had another class after with a teacher from the states and I made sure to pay attention much more, be on time and hand in work according and never gave her a hard time.

Looking back I can not believe how judgmental I was or even that close minded.  I could have possibly learned new techniques, new skills, new thought process to help me in mathematics but because I was so closed minded with stereotyping and focusing on accents things of no importance I didn’t learn a thing but to waste more time.

I do realize we all do stereotype but I try not to as much as possible as this can cause prejudice as we see we are having with all the rioting in New York City and Ferguson.

I think the clip for me was a reminder again about stereotypes and to be aware of them even when we donut think we are stereotyping. It was very helpful.