Phase 3-Presenting The Plan

All, this week should be much easier since we have already discussed all of the meterial required! I’ve broken our CLC into smaller teams to help facilitate this task.  Each team needs to produce four or five slides and at least one reference.

Annie and Nyla – Please get together and address item number one.

          1.  Describe the innovation and its value to both customers and the organization/entity to which you are pitching your idea.

David – I will produce the slides for item number two.

          2.  Review the implementation plan in significant enough depth to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the       

               implementation process.

Bryan and Chandra – Please get together and address item number three.

          3.  Include a cost/benefit analysis appropriate for your particular audience. (I assume our audience is investors)

I will post a formatted PPT file to the board so that we are all working on the same design, colors, etc. Please feel free to include pics, charts or other visual aids to increase the visual value of the presentation!