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  1. What are three brands of the same product (e.g., breakfast cereal) that are positioned differently? How are they differentiated?
  2. Describe what is meant by product mix and provide examples from a Fortune 500 company.
  3. What are the characteristics of marketing channels? What three factors should be considered when designing one?
  4. What are the benefits of multiple marketing channels? Are there any disadvantages?
  5. Define and describe the elements and potential benefits of integrated marketing communication (IMC).
  6. There are four “major” social media networks and yet hundreds of different social media outlets exist. In your opinion should a company be on ALL four of the major outlets and others? Why?
  7. Which product or service have you recently encountered that would be particularly suited for multichannel or interactive marketing? Why?
  8. At what point does entertainment end and marketing begin? Why did you draw the line there?