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English article writing

The Take-Aways should

  • Specifically identify a direct quote/issue in the reading
  • Discuss what you found interesting, conflicting, new, important, noteworthy as you read
  • Connect to other course content or other items you have learned in other courses. 
  • Be succinct and specific to this course and what you’re learning
  • Identify the author, the page number and the direct quote (if you are quoting).

For example (and you may use this format until you get comfortable with your own voice):

As I read hook’s text the following quote seemed particularly relevant to me, “We must courageously challenge the privileged who aggressively see to deny the disadvantaged a chance to change their lot” (p. 99). How is it that we are still having this conversation around who gets what and why in 2018? This was written in 2000, and in my own naïveté, I have always assumed that people generally want to help others.  I think this connects directly to Baldwin’s “A Talk to Teachers” and it seems that the same people are talking about the same issues and ideas.