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Building & Capturing Customer Value

In a three-five minute PowerPoint presentation, choose a product or service that you personally use and believe in its value. Pull together the following sections in your powerpoint presentation: 

Determining  customer value

Choose a favorite product or service and then develop powerpoint that describes the following:

1. Product Description: Describe the product – what is it? What does it do?

2. Target Audience: Who do you believe this product is targeted to? Name primary and secondary audiences 

3.  Product Benefits:

a. Define one or more of the selected product’s specific customer benefits/value as it is marketed to consumers

b. Describe the actual/real benefits of the product that you personally derive.

Does it mirror the advertising and marketing or is it different?

Is your perception different from the reality?

 Evaluate product/service customer value, perceived value and derived value

c. Determine which specific factors influence customer value for your selected product/service:


-Receiving what is desired/needed


Defined benefits

Emotional payoff

Achievement of a goal/desire

Be creative and consider that you are informing your marketing team about what you learned about this product through this focused analysis.