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Writing Assignment & Discussion

Think about your present workplace or a workplace with which you are familiar.

Describe specifically and in detail how one of the motivational theories discussed in Chapter 5 was used to motivate employees. You can choose either one of the content approaches or one of the process approaches. 

In describing how the theory was used (i.e., applied), make sure you 

evaluate whether or not it was used effectively, and clarify why you

take the position that you do. 250 words

2.Compare and contrast the idea of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards with Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory of motivation?  Does the idea of 

intrinsic and extrinsic rewards agree in principle with Herzberg, or not?   How 

effectively have you seen intrinsic and extrinsic rewards used in the workplace?



Review the text discussion of Job Range, Job Depth, and Job Relationships. 

Using the terms used in the text and in at least ONE other reference on this 

topic, describe your current job position or one with which you are familiar.   

Be sure to describe any attempts that the employer has made to increase job 

range or job depth, and evaluate whether or not these efforts appeared to be 

motivational to the employees. If you have not seen any attempts at increasing range or depth, describe such as change that you would recommend and tell how you expect it to change motivation in employees. 500words, 2 additional peer. APA