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Chapter Six (6): According to Gilbert and Troitzsch (2005), Foundations of Simulation Modeling, a simulation model is a computer program that captures the behavior of a real-world system and its input and possible output processes.

Based on this knowledge and assumptions, in your own words, briefly explain what the simulation modeling relies upon?

  • what does simulation modeling rely upon?
  • provide a short and clear narrative to support your response,
  • provide substantive feedback to three other colleague’s response to the DF questions,
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Chapter Seven (7): According to the Comparative Analysis of Tools and Technologies for Policy-Making theory, there are 11 possible main categories of Information Communications Technology (ICT) tools and technologies that can be used for policy-making purposes.

Q2: Please identify, name, and provide a personal brief narrative for each of these 11 main categories as outlined. 

  • Identify and name the 11 main categories of ICT tools and technologies
  • provide a short and clear narrative for each category above,