Nursing Leadership Interview:

 You will select and interview (in person, face to face) a nursing leader relevant to the designated specialty role of choice (e.g. Nursing Director, Nursing Professor, Nurse Entrepreneur, etc.) that would hire a BSN prepared nurse. Both the  assignment-required questions, as well as critically developed questions of your own creation will be incorporated. Audio-record the interview so that you may progress through the interview in a timely manner and actively participate in the discussion (this is not possible if you are trying to write the conversation down as it occurs). You will need to obtain written permission from this leader (prior to the interview) that the interview may be audio-recorded for your use in writing the interview paper. See interview consent form in Unit 3. The interview should last approximately 30 minutes. 

The paper will begin with a brief introduction of the leader being interviewed and will proceed to the questions asked and answers received. The paper will need to conclude with a summative evaluation of the interview process. This information will address such elements as your critical analysis and evaluation of the interview process, information about your current personal professional status and resultant plans for possible professional mentorship within the selected organization. This 2-3 page paper will be written in 6th edition APA format including references. Review how to cite personal communications using APA format. The paper will need to be submitted through the course drop box by the due date.

Leadership Interview Assignment Guide

Present an introduction to the interview conducted, including a brief biography of the interviewee and the organization represented. Explain why this individual was chosen for the interview in light of your selected nursing specialty role.

A Learning Conversation (Level Heading): State each question you posed along with the interviewee’s responses. The questions should include (but NOT be limited to) each topical area delineated below:

a) Determine from the interviewee the mission/vision and goals of the organization

b) Determine what expectations they have for a BSN prepared nurse in your specialty in terms of meeting the organization’s mission

c) Determine what it takes to succeed in the organization

d) Describe what actions the interviewee recommends you take to establish yourself in the profession at the BSN level, specifically as related to your chosen nurse specialty role.

In addition, you are to develop a minimum of 3 additional, relevant questions that serve to further your understanding of critical elements as related to successful specialty role transition within the specific organization.

The conversation should be well organized in terms of categories of questions sharing similar focus and should be presented in such a way as to be helpful to other individuals attempting to transition into new specialty nursing roles within similar types of organizations.

Note: This is learning interview and is NOT a “job interview”, as you are a self-invited guest in interviewing this organizational leader. Questions about such items as salary, benefits, etc. are not appropriate.

Summary (Level Heading): Summarize the key points of the conversation as they relate to your chosen nursing specialty role and successful transition to such a role within the selected organization.

Reflection and Follow-Up: (Level Heading) This section will address such elements as your critical analysis and evaluation of the interview process including (but not limited to) what you would do differently upon reflection, information about your current personal professional status (where you are now in your career) and resultant plans (post interview) for professional mentorship within the selected organization as related to your chosen specialty role and career.