Implication and implementation of adjust hiring standard, staff briefing and Hiring intern.

How to adjust hiring standard? 100 words

  1. Manager should revise their current hiring criteria annually. 
  2. They should raise the criteria or delete the criteria that are now are not qualify or important. 

How to do staff briefing100 words

 1. Before the staff briefing manager should know what they want to say to their employee. 

  1. During the briefing, manager should ensure they staff understand the company’s goals and missions. 
  2. Manager must make the new employee feel welcome but also not to neglect the current employee.

How to Hiring intern. 100 words

  1. Company should join in conference talk in university and college. From there they can poach university or college student that have potential and offer them a job in the company. 
  2. Company can offer full employment to intern that outperform the tasks during their intern period.