IFSM 305 – Case Study


The case study and assignments address the Course Outcomes to enable you to:

  • Evaluate the organizational environment in the health care industry to recognize how technology solutions enable strategic outcomes
  • Analyze the flow of data and information among disparate health information systems to support internal and external business processes
  • Evaluate technology solutions in the health care industry to improve the quality of care, safety, and financial management decisions
  • Examine the implications of ethical, legal, and regulatory policy issues on health care information systems.

Upon completion of these assignments you will have performed an array of activities to demonstrate your ability to apply the course concepts to a “real world situation” to:

  • Analyze an organization’s strategies and processes to determine how a technology solution could help (Stage 1)  
  • Analyze the data flow among a Clinical practice and external organizations (Stage 2)
  • Identify and explain the legal, ethical and regulatory considerations for a system (Stage 3) 
  • Propose an appropriate certified EHR technology solution (Stage 4) 

As explained in the Stage 1 assignment, you will create a System Recommendation Report for Dr. Betts, using each stage to develop a section of the report.  The staged assignments are designed to follow the relevant readings in the course content, and they are due on the dates assigned in the class schedule.  These assignments are designed to help you identify how to effectively analyze and interpret information to improve a medical practice using technology.  This is an opportunity for you to apply critical thinking skills and think like a professional medical consultant.