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Engineering Management

About our project:

Project Goal:

To increase the efficiency of food delivery system and to increase the number of customers of Deliveroo organization in Victoria.


1-  To investigate and analyse the current marketing strategy of the Deliveroo.

2- Analysis of Deliveroo business operations and Random Forest Regressor technique toestimate the delivery time.

3- To introduce the improvements in the existing delivery system and the reduction ofapplication and website development charges.

Assignment tasks

For group:

  1. Group reflection on your team performance (i.e., team work, communication, knowledge capability, etc.). If your team is given another chance, what you will improve, and how. (800 words)

For individual:

  • In the Background study (Literature research) stage, what aspect/topics you are responsible for? (400 words), give a summary of your review.
  • Reflection on your project experience, i.e. your own development, skills acquisitions, team skills etc. (500 words)