Read the article here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/young-couples-retirees-ditch-city-new-kind-suburb-170016186.html

It discusses the concept of “surban” living – a combination of urban and suburban lifestyle. For local examples, think of places like Doral, “Downtown Dadeland”, Miami Lakes, Weston, etc., that is, suburbs with their own “downtowns”.

Since American culture has traditionally idealized living in a house in the suburbs with a nice yard, “white picket fence”, two-car garage, 2.2 children, etc., what are your thoughts on “surban” living?  Is it appealing in terms of lifestyle?  What are some differences in lifestyle between urban versus suburban versus “surban” living that are important to you?  What sort of social class or racial/ethnic segregation do you think these developments might perpetuate?  Do they represent “the best of both worlds”, or are they mostly just artificial money-making developments largely devoid of culture, mainly organized around consumerism?

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