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Heres the link :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Yeardley_Love 


Psychologists and sociologists have developed several theories that explain the causes and dynamics of intimate partner and family violence so that we can protect victims, help change abusers and yet hold them accountable for their actions. This forum asks you to take the role of either a psychologist or a sociologist and apply a theory from the assigned discipline to the case of Yeardley Love. Read the Wikipedia page on the Murder of Yeardley Love (Links to an external site.).

For your initial post, read about the following theories of domestic violence. Select two of the following theories and indicate how you think each one would explain Yeardley Love’s murder. 

Source for Systems Theory, Feminist Theory, and Exchange and Resource Theories: Lawson, Jennifer. 2012. Sociological Theories of Domestic Violence. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment. 22:572-590.

  • Systems theory is described on pages 575 – 576.
  • Feminist theory is described on pages 579-581.
  • Exchange and Resource theories are described on pages 577-578.

To access the articles, log into your myFSCJ account and look for the LLC link. Enter the author’s name and title of the article in the search box. Choose the link for the article and download the PDF file.


Initial post should be 200 words; replies should be at least 150 words

In your initial post you MUST:

  • Use only the assigned article for information about the theory for the initial post.
  • Support your ideas with evidence and examples from the article.
  • Use APA style for all references and in-text citations.