Assignment # 1

Using the module material and the Introduction to Business presentation as your guide, answer the following:

  1. Give an example of a Secondary business?
  2. Using the internet as a research tool, define the following leadership and management styles:




  1. What management style would you adopt if you owned your own business?
  2. In a sentence or two, summarize your understanding of the Friedman video?
  3. React to the Gordon Gekko speech. Would you agree, disagree with all or parts of the speech?
  4. In the Business Functions article, which function would you find the most challenging?
  5. What was your score on the Entrepreneurial survey? Do you agree with the result?
  6. In this course, you will be creating a breakeven analysis for a business that you would like to create. What business interests you at this time? You can always change later.