2 LESSON ASSIGMENTS and a few small questions

Describe the biodiversity of your local ecosystem. What living and non living things are essential to life?

LESSON ASSIGNMENT-Complete this assignment using a Word document. Show all work and then submit it by saving, digitally photographing, or scanning and then uploading to your teacher.

Create a digital collage called “Biodiversity”. Create a series of 5 images and write a small description of the concept. When completed, upload this file to the assignment link as a jpeg file.

Explain the concept of biodiversity. Think about what it is and what it means to your life.

Describe how bacteria are a necessary part of the healthy biodiversity of an ecosystem.

LESSON ASSIGNMENT-Biodiversity is an important ecological concept. For this activity, you will take a survey around your home. Choose an area that is 10 feet by 10 feet. Count and record all the living things in it; this includes things you can see and things you cannot see. When you finish, try to find another area to survey. But this time, try to find a place with less biodiversity. Complete your survey. When you are finished, upload your results and include an explanation of why the biodiversity was less at the second site. Upload your work to this assignment link.

Why is it so important to protect biodiversity? What actions could you take to help protect it?